Spread Love Postcard I – Mental Health through Art Exhibition



This artwork has been selected to be exhibited at the Mental Health through Art @ Beyond the Label Festival 2023.

1 X A6 Postcard (Series of 2 designs) printed on high quality 300gsm 100% cotton paper made in EU from sustainable forestry.


In this thought-provoking illustration, the artist skillfully explores the complexities of mental health with a touch of whimsy and vibrant colors. The artwork features four individuals arranged in four different rows, with different mental health status.

Starting from the top row, three people are engulfed in a cloud of gloom, symbolizing the overwhelming darkness that mental health struggles can bring. However, as the eye follows the illustration from left to right, top to bottom, a beautiful transformation unfolds. The rightmost person radiates love and joy, depicted through vibrant hues and playful elements.

As the love and joy spread from person to person, a visible shift occurs. The mental health of the individual closest to the rightmost person gradually improves, portrayed through the smiles on their faces. This progression emphasizes the transformative power of positive support, connection, and understanding when it comes to mental well-being.

Through this quirky and colorful portrayal, the artist conveys their belief in the importance of love, empathy, and emotional connection in fostering positive mental health. It serves as a reminder that even in the darkest times, a little love can make a world of difference.


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